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Say Hola Wealth Podcast

A platform to connect first generation wealth builders and Latina trailblazers who are sharing their personal stories.

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Episode 114: Client Success Story: How Christal Increased Her Self-Worth & Her Wealth.

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Episode 113: How To Boost Your Financial Confidence

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Episode 111: Financial Confidence: Money Mistakes That Are Costing You

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Episode 110: How Ati Launched A Personal Brand Coaching Business.

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Episode 109: How To Stop Overspending.

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Episode 108: How To Use PR To Grow Your Business |Genieva Davidson.

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Meet your host

I’m Luzy King

A first-generation investor with multiple accounts, a Real Estate Investor and Angel Investor in Latina-owned Businesses.

Luzy’s journey into generational wealth and investing started when she was expecting her second daughter while navigating being a stay-at-home motherhood. It was during this time that she encountered firsthand barriers to financial advice, merely because she didn’t have $100K to kickstart her investment journey. This experience fueled her determination to rewrite the narrative and she decided to learn all things finance and start teaching others in her community.

Today, Luzy is first-generation investor with multiple accounts, a Real Estate Investor and Angel investor in Latina-owned businesses. Her vision extends beyond personal success – she is on a trajectory to make work optional by the age of 45, and she is passionate about guiding you on your path to equitable financial prosperity.


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