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It's no secret...

Latinas are the lowest paid demographics in the US and there is a wealth gap in the Latinx community.

For us Latinas, it’s challenging to understand the financial systems as a first-gen or immigrants because most of us didn’t learn money principles in school or at home.

We constantly hear from mainstream media that women are not good with money.

Therefore, we feel shame when making money mistakes. We have so many cultural beliefs that have kept us from earning our potential and continue to allow us to build generational wealth. But guess what, Mujer? You are not alone.

Join the financial and business coach, speaker, and founder of Viva la Budget and Finance, Luzy King, on say hola wealth podcast as she guides you on understanding your relationship with money.

From creating systems for your dinero, learning about the stock market, and other investment vehicle to everything you need to build wealth as a Latina!

Through solo episodes and special guest interviews with inspiring Mujeres, you’ll have actionable tips and resources to help you get out of the struggle bus, live your purpose and start building wealth.

Estas lista? No te lo quierse perder!

Check out The Latina’s Guide To Building Wealth Workbook.  This digital download is perfect for Mujeres ready to take control of their dinero. 

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