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A six month group coaching program for Latinas ready to break generational cycles, $10K at a time: Save $10k, Pay off $10k of debt, Increase your income by $10K, Invest $10K or a combination of all without frugality or by cutting expense.  Our wealth creation is rooted in our values!

Does this sound like you?

You look good on paper, but you are ready to take your financial freedom to the next level!  

You’ve tried to save three-six months of living expenses and have given up because you think it’s too complicated.

You find yourself stuck in the debt cycle, overwhelmed with your student loans, your credit card and wondering what you are doing wrong.

You avoid money looking at your money because you believe, you are not good with money

You have difficulty making sound financial decisions or take pride in micromanaging every cent.

You debts makes you feel shame or the investing jargon makes you feel confused.

weekly group coaching calls for six months

Give Yourself Permission

No more looking good on paper, or relying on credit cards to go on your dream vacation.  It’s time to reclaim financial stability and become $10k richer!  Unlock your wealth potential by embracing these life essential skills.

Master your money mindset and the skills of savings

Master your money mindset and financial literacy to become the cycle breaker!

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What’s Included in the Next Six Months

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Our weekly calls as structured as follow:

Money Mindset Mastery

Financial Literacy 

Elevate Income

Wealth Decisions


12 Months access to RightCapital

A Software to help you track your financial goals and progress. Full of fun and interactive financial planning tools using The Income Purpose Method!

Access to Past Masterclasses Valued at $3,500

We have an extensive library of masterclasses from Latina experts on topics related to failure, inner child work, career development and nutrition and much more! 


30-Day Elevate Your Income Challenge!

We teach you how to elevate your income using the skills you already have. 

Culturally Relevant Curriculum

The Say Hola Wealth On Demand Library.

From Scarcity to Abundance in 30 Days.

How to boost your credit score fast & How to pay off debt with one click!

Simple money systems, the bank and investment accounts you need to create passive income.

How to ask for more money, because we don’t teach you how to cut expenses.

Elevate your income, ideas to help you increase your income with the skills you already have.

Money and Relationships: How to deal with your partner’s scarcity mindset, how to set up financial boundaries and how not to be your parents’ retirement plan.

Professions we’ve Coached


Human Resources

Coaches and Consultants



Higher Education



Masters and PhDs

Results Speak Louder

Average Debt Payoff: $11,559.12

Average Savings: $10,832.00

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SHWA Investment


Pay in Full


Six Payments Plan

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Our group coaching is weekly on Thursdays at 5:30 PM PST.  The investment includes access to our community hub to ensure you don’t wait a week to get your questions answered. 

The call recording will be available within 48 hours, and you can access the community hub.

SHW will teach you how to budget using the income purpose method, which will help you automate 90% of your spending.  We want our members to spend time creating more money.  We do not want you to micromanage every dollar. 

Upon enrollment, you have access to the bite sized on demand modules to help you implement the simple money systems to help you make money right away.  Every week you will be coach on the thoughts that keep you playing small.  I will give you a step by step process on how to elevate your income with the skills you already have.

Doors are currently open!  Upon enrollment you will give you  immediate access to the on demand modules and you will receive an invitation to join the live calls and start your financial freedom journey this year.