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Create your Money-making Coaching Business in 90 Days

A group coaching Mastermind for Latina Professionals and Leaders who want to elevate their income and monetize their gifts and talents outside their 9-5.

Are you tired of this?

Relying on someone else for a raise.

Sacrificing your weekends to keep up with the demands of your 9-5.

Compromising your well-being by skipping meals and jeopardizing your mental health for the sake of productivity.

Seeking approval for your PTO, longing for the freedom to spend time on the things you love.
Chasing another degree just to realize you have more student loan debt but still, no te alcanza?
Navigating the stress of layoffs, uncertain about your professional future.

Break free from constraints

Reclaim your Power and Elevate your Income

Jefas & Wealth will help you create and launch your offer in 90 days + give you the blueprint to create your first $10K months as a coach; no launches required!

The investment – $6,000 or six monthly payments of $1,050

The investment – $6,000 or six monthly payments of $1,050

Client Results

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While working with Luzy, I created a four-figured offer that got me fully booked! I paid off five credit cards, and Luzy even encouraged me to apply for a scholarship for my PhD Program, and I got it.

Cindy A.

Higher Ed Professional & Carrer Coach.

Get the Business Blueprint Modules

What will help you launch and scale your business.

Identifying your value preposition and creating your offer

CEO Identity

Five Figure Clients

Million Dollar Money Systems

Business Scalability Ideas

Hi, I’m Luzy King

Just Like You, I’ve Checked All the Boxes

I had a top executive job managing $2.5 M annually in revenue and a team, but I was underpaid and overworked.

I dreamt about quitting my 9-5 multiple times, but the first-gen guilt kept me working for the same industry for 17 years. Then, one day, when I showed up to the office and shared the news about my pregnancy, I was told, “I had become a problem for the company.” I knew it was time for me to leave, and I did. I used my existing skills to launch my coaching and consulting business. I doubled my income, and now I get flown to speak at conferences and created the freedom that my 9-5 never gave me.

I’ve made it my mission to teach other jefas how I did it so they, too, can have more autonomy and create generational wealth.

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What’s Included in the Next Six Months

Access to The Jefas & Wealth On Demand Library

You’ll gain immediate access to bite sized on demand curriculum videos crafted to guide you through your offer creation.

CEO & Thought Leadership

To help you shift your identity from an employee mindset into a CEO Leader to scale with ease.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Each week, we will dive into your offer implementation, accountability and hold space for you to ask questions and hot seat coaching.

Network With Other Ambitious Latinas

Be in a room with the other Jefas who are ready to be the help and step into their CEO Identiry.

Bonus Course Revolutionary Riches

The Bold Path to Six Figure Business.

Ethical Sales and Marketing

Incorporating the S.T.O.R.Y. Framework.

Ask anything

Jefas & Wealth FAQ

How big is the Mastermind?

Our goal is to keep the group small. We are looking for no more than 10 Jefas at a time.

There are no requirements to join the masterclass, but we do encourage Latinas to use their existing skill set to monetize their expertise outside their 9-5.

 Yes, we have payment plans, six payments of $1,050.

That’s a decision you need to make based on your life and business goals. Inside the mastermind, you will learn everything to scale to six figures, and then you can make the decision.

We do not recommend investing in a website or branding at the beginning of your journey! Jefas and Wealth will teach you how to utilize your business revenue to fund your website and branding using our Million Dollar Cash Flow Systems (this needs to be updated on the blueprint as well) + we also share with you our favorite Latina web and branding specialist.

Inside the mastermind, we will cover niches and pivots to help you find an industry that you love and, of course, help you make money.

You will have access to the call replays within 48 hours, and you can access them via the coaching portal or on your phone.

You are not required to appear on social media and dance on TikTok; we will help you create a social media strategy that aligns with your current lifestyle. 

This is a membership-based program; you are welcome to renew your membership; we add value to the container on a monthly basis or apply for our next group, Jefas & Wealth.

There are no requirements to join! You are expected to follow our group of conduct, take action on the coaching you receive, and be willing to ask questions.