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How To Make Time For Money Dates To Prioritize Financial Wellness.

Introduction: Hola, querida Latina professional! ¿Estás lista para tomar el control de tu futuro financiero? In the hustle and bustle of our 9-5 lives, managing money often takes a backseat. But once I heard a quote that completely revobultionize the way I care for my money. “Only manage the money you want to keep and […]

Shifting From Consumer to Investor.

In the pursuit of financial success and security, many of us often find ourselves trapped in the cycle of consumerism. We work hard, earn money, and then spend it on things that provide momentary satisfaction. However, for First-Gen Latinas aiming to create generational wealth and break free from financial limitations, shifting from a consumer identity […]

How To Build Awareness Around Your Thoughts | Wendy Amara.

Episode 42 is all about creating awareness around your thoughts; listen now! Wendy Amara is a million-dollar Life and Business Coach- with over 16 years of experience. She specializes in coaching Ambitious Latinas who want to reach Big Life, Career, and Business Goals. She is an expert at follow-through, consistent action, and managing your human […]

How To Manifest Your Dream Life, Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig Manifesting Chica.

Episode 40 is all about manifesting your dream life. Listen now! Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig is the Manifesting Chica, and what lights her up is helping Latinas to intentionally manifest a life that loves them back. Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Sandra has lived around the world as a veteran of the corporate world. However, […]

Is Debt Consolidation for you?

Are you wondering what is the best debt pay-off strategy? If so, keep reading to find out if debt consolidation is for you. The end of the month is coming up and your loan payments are due. Your credit card balance is high, and your payments aren’t making a dent. The minimum payment is just […]

Key Strategies To Grow An Online Business | Wendy Ramirez |Lovingly Bold.

Episode 25 is all about creating a multi-dimensional business. Do you have the vision to create generational wealth? Is launching a business part of your wealth-building strategy? Not sure if launching a business is for you? Then this episode is for you! Wendy is the visionary and founder of Lovingly Bold an education and marketing […]