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Why Being a Multi-Passionate Mujer Is Good for Your Finances | Vanessa Santos | We All Grow.

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

Episode 39 is all about embracing being a multi-passionate Mujer.

Vanessa Santos Fein is the first-gen Latina daughter of Dominican and Ecuadorian parents. Vanessa is the embodiment of what we think is a chingona vibe! She is a multi-passionate Mujer with a strong voice that she uses to talk about her career mistakes, empowering the latinx/e community and elevating the voices of other Mujeres who are ready to create impact.

One of the biggest takeaways from this episode is how Vanessa talks about the importance of healing money wounds and being comfortable with who you are to navigate the “waves” that life will bring to you.

Episode 39 Highlights:

  • What determines your self-worth –”Wealth is not just about money; wealth comes with a strong and healthy mindset.” said Vanessa as she shared the money mistakes she made in her 20s.
  • How to create multiple income streams – Vanessa shared why it is so important to have various income streams as a Latina. Her income streams include public speaking, downloadable products, online courses, dividend pay investments, coaching, content creation, song writing through Bodega records.
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs to build wealth – Healing your money wounds is so important, as Vanessa explains, because you want to feel confident and abundant with your money.
  • Why cutting expenses is not sustainable to save money – Vanessa talks about why cutting the late is not going to make a dent in your budget. Instead, it’s just saving a few hundred dollars per year.
  • Why you should not buy all the trendy things – Vanessa talks about how we are so prompt to buy things because everyone else has them but how she doesn’t
  • And much more!

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

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What sets Luzy apart is her ability to demystify complex financial concepts, making them easy to understand and incredibly engaging. Attendees have expressed gratitude for her tailored content that addresses their unique identities, creating a relatable and inclusive learning environment.

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