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What Happens When You Invest In Yourself | Claudia Valenzuela.

Claudia Valenzuela is a 1st Gen Latina Entrepreneur from Washington State. She is the daughter of immigrant parents who worked her way up the educational ladder to land the American dream until she realized that the 9-5 was not her idea of the American Dream. In 2019 she started her first business helping Latina travel […]

How to invest ethically | Judy E Esber | Hear Me Finance.

Episode 29 is all about investing ethical. Listen now! Thinking about investing in the stock market but not sure if some fund options align with your financial vision and values? Well, you are in luck because, in this podcast episode, we will dive into understanding ethical investing and how you can impact our community and […]

How To Be In Control Of Your Finances | Luzy King.

Episode 21 is all about how to be in control of your finances. Learning to manage your finances as a first gen Latina or immigrant sounds so easy, yet often many busy Mujeres can’t simply take control of their dinero. Why is that? Luzy is passionate about teaching busy Mujeres why embracing their money story […]