What Happens When You Invest In Yourself | Claudia Valenzuela.

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Claudia Valenzuela is a 1st Gen Latina Entrepreneur from Washington State. She is the daughter of immigrant parents who worked her way up the educational ladder to land the American dream until she realized that the 9-5 was not her idea of the American Dream. In 2019 she started her first business helping Latina travel lovers start an online business through digital marketing. Just last month, she started her new business, where she is now helping 1st Gen Latina Entrepreneurs break through the mental blocks that are keeping them from quitting their job so they can become the full-time CEO’s that they know they can be. She loves all things travel, dogs, fitness, and coffee in her free time! 

Episode 39 Highlights:

How to manage your small business finances – Claudia shares her journey as a first-generation Latina entrepreneur and how the lack of money systems kept her from feeling confident about her business model.

How to pivot into entrepreneurship – Claudia shared her journey as a daughter of Mexican parents growing up in a small town in Washinton State and how her regular job was not fulfilling her dream life.

How to cultivate an entrepreneurship mindset – “I had many mindsets blockers as a first-gen entrepreneur,” Claudia shares. However, she is passionate about teaching Latinas how to break through these obstacles and become full-time CEOs.

What is a money blueprint? – Claudia shares how Luzy was able to help her identify her money blueprint on the first call and gain the clarity she needed to have the money systems and the mindset to keep what she earns. Claudia had spent a lot of time reading books on mindset, but it wasn’t until Luzy taught her about money through a holistic lens that Claudia saw what had been holding her back.

How do you know if coaching is successful?“I understood that my money beliefs were not mine,” Claudia shares how some of the exercises Luzy gave her allowed her to detach from the things holding her back.

And much more!

Meet Luzy

Luzy King is an award-winning Latina Wealth Coach. She became a first-gen investor after learning about investing and wealth building by accident through her MBA program in 2019. During the same year, Luzy was denied access to financial advice because she didn’t have $100K to start investing, and she made a commitment to learn things on her own and become the first one in her family to start investing. Now she is passionate about teaching women of color all of the strategies she wishes someone would have taught her in school. Luzy is a certified trauma-informed Financial & Business Coach, contributing author, and Community Leader. Luzy is on a mission to destigmatize the idea of wanting more money, more money more options. She is ready to teach women of color how to build a legacy through stock market investing and entrepreneurship. 

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