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Episode 99: How Rosa Is Redefining Leadership

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Rosa / Luzy King

Rosa is the eldest daughter of immigrant parents and a proud mama to a 2-year-old with 15+ years of experience leading and advocating for women and communities of color. She learned how to navigate the cultural and social expectations placed on her and developed her voice and brand as a confident leader without losing the essence of who she is. Now, as a Leadership & Life coach for 1st & 2nd generation BIPOC leaders, leaders come to Rosa when they want to be more confident, doubt themselves less, and stop feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. She helps them advocate for themselves, set better boundaries, and strengthen their leadership identity to become confident and respected change-makers in their industry!

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Welcome to the Say Hola World podcast! In this episode, we sit down with Rosa, a leadership coach who specializes in working with first and second-generation BIPOC leaders. Rosa shares her personal journey as the eldest daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico and how being a first-generation Latina has shaped her experiences, from navigating elementary school to stepping into leadership roles.

Navigating Independence and Leadership

Growing up in a household with strict rules and expectations, Rosa found herself grappling with independence when she entered college. The clash between her parents’ expectations and her newfound freedom in college led her to navigate her journey alone. As she stepped into leadership roles, self-doubt and imposter syndrome crept in, highlighting the need for guidance and mentorship.

Transition from Nonprofit to Entrepreneurship

Rosa reflects on her career in the nonprofit sector, specifically in advocacy work with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. While she loved the work, she realized that the nonprofit industry often leads to burnout due to the mismatch between passion-driven work and insufficient support for employees. This realization prompted her transition from nonprofit work to entrepreneurship.

Breaking the Mold in Nonprofit Expectations

Discussing the common phenomenon of Latinas gravitating toward nonprofit work due to a desire to make a difference, Rosa challenges the expectations placed on individuals in the nonprofit sector. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the draining nature of nonprofit work and the need for financial well-being, breaking the stereotype that those in nonprofit roles shouldn’t aspire for financial success.

Financial Empowerment and Investment

Rosa shares her journey into financial empowerment, recognizing the need to break away from the societal expectations of working hard without reaping the financial benefits. As a mother, she decided to take control of her financial future, investing in a Roth IRA and a 529 savings account for her son’s education. She emphasizes the significance of financial education and breaking the stigma around Latinas building wealth.

Redefining Leadership and Embracing Authenticity

Shifting the focus to leadership, Rosa delves into the unwritten rules and expectations placed on women of color in leadership roles. She advocates for redefining leadership by understanding the systems at play, acknowledging cultural expectations, and connecting with one’s purpose. Rosa encourages women to embrace authenticity, challenge societal norms, and lead with their true selves.

The Power of Emotions in Leadership

Addressing the cultural tendency to suppress emotions, Rosa shares her experiences of being labeled “too emotional.” She encourages leaders, especially women of color, to embrace and express their emotions authentically. Rosa believes that leaders who show vulnerability and authenticity create an environment where team members feel empowered to do the same.

Investing in Personal Growth:

In her entrepreneurial journey, Rosa highlights the importance of investing in personal growth. She shares her decision to hire a coach and invest in childcare, breaking free from the guilt associated with seeking support. Rosa emphasizes the need to redefine strength and acknowledge that investing in oneself is a powerful act of self-love and a step towards breaking generational cycles.

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Thank you, Rosa, for joining us on this episode of Say Hola World, where we explored the journey of a first-generation Latina leader breaking molds, redefining leadership, and embracing financial empowerment.

Let’s Build Wealth Juntxs!

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