What can the power of taking care of your finances do for you?

Simple! Financial Clarity & Wealth Transformation in less than 30 days! You won't be second guessing your money decisions once we start working together!

My signature Private Financial program is perfect for those busy Mujeres who want to unlearn their money blueprint and start making million dollars decisions to help them become investors, create a legacy, and reclaim their freedom!

I work with Latinas and WOC, just like you to help them overcome money-limiting beliefs, pay off debt, and become investors.

And I can do the same for you!

What's involved?

Private Financial Coaching is a six-month commitment where you'll learn...

Money Blueprint

This is the main thing that keeps you stuck and having difficulty breaking away from the conditioning to believing you have to work hard for money. Your money beliefs, the ones that tell you success, have to be linear but come with a lot of sacrifice and guilt.

Your Financial Literacy

Learn the secrets that wealthy people use to maximize their cash flow, how to invest, ways to reduce your taxable income, and everything else you need to create generational wealth + how to create a spending plan that aligns with the life you want.

Your Wealth Building Plan

The money systems that will allow you to enjoy life now, build your peace of mind fund, earn points on credit cards, help your family and buy whatever you want, including real estate, invest in the stock market, and legally hire your kids.

Increasing Your Income

Learn how to increase your cash flow using the skills you already have. Maybe it is a new business idea you have in mind. Perhaps it is learning to create a multi-dimensional business without subscribing to the hustle culture. I will bring my 15+ of experience as a top executive inside this container for you!

Don't take my word for it, heres what past clients are saying..

Here's what our past clients are saying...

Here are the next steps to start your Wealth Building Transformation:


Step one:  Fill out an application to express interest in working with Luzy

Step two:  Schedule a 45 complimentary call to determine if Luzy is the right coach for you. 

Step three: Agree to work with Luzy for six months so you can increase your net worth, financial literacy, and money confidence.

Click on the application to see the details of what is included.

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