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Episode 8: How to Manage Your Finances With Your Spouse or Partner | Pedro Sanchez Jr.

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Pedro Sanchez Jr. / Luzy King

Mr. Pedro Sanchez a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and Founder of BlueX. With over 20 years of experience in leadership, management, coaching, and training in diverse sectors and organizations. Mr. Sanchez has trained in the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, as well as the Maxwell Leadership Team; and throughout the years has developed strategies that have demonstrated positive outcomes for faith-based, and communities of color.

Most recently developed a financial literacy self-paced, online program for the Latino Community.
As a leader, he seeks to support individuals in their pursuit of advancement. His core values are rooted in integrity, loyalty, and people. He strives to empower individuals by deconstructing limited beliefs, identifying opportunities for growth, and empowering them by highlighting strengths and endless possibilities. His commitment is to lead from a place of truth and grace; ultimately propelling them towards purpose and legacy.

You can Follow Mr.  Sanchez on Instagram or visit his website.

Episode 8 is all about how to manage your finances with your spouse or partner, featuring Pedro Sanchez Jr from Bluex. Pedro is an Accredited Financial Counselor and speaker. After many years of working as an engineer, Pedro and his family lost everything to a house fire, and he and his family had to start all over.

Episode 8 Highlights:

  • Why is it so essential to talk finances with your partner even before you get married?
  • The money beliefs Pedro had to unlearn to become a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and coach.
  • How you need a different mindset as you grow your business.
  • What are the best ways to manage finances with your partner?
  • How to navigate the debt-free journey when your partner is not on the same page.
  • How understanding your partner’s money beliefs can help you prevent arguments in the relationship.
  • How to implement money dates with your partner.
  • And much more!

This episode with Pedro was so inspiring and a much-needed conversation. Pedro and his wife are a wonderful example of what it’s like to have a partner that supports your wildest dreams and builds wealth. Pedro is the type of person who is committed to serve the Latinx community and we love that about him.

If you are ready to learn how you can start the money conversation with your partner, we would like to invite you to listen to the podcast episode (bring some tissues!).

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