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Episode 110: How Ati Launched A Personal Brand Coaching Business.

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Ati Grinspun

Ati is a Personal Branding and Business Coach, Speaker, and podcaster dedicated to empowering dynamic female entrepreneurs. With her infectious energy, she simplifies the complexities of online and offline visibility, making it both manageable and fun. As the visionary founder of “Be You Brand Academy,” she’s on a mission to catapult women to new heights in their fields, believing that their success sparks global positive change. Connect with Ati on Instagram.


Ati’s Journey to Personal Branding Coaching

Ati shares her journey from being a flair bartender and portrait photographer to eventually discovering her passion for personal branding coaching. She reflects on her experiences in different industries and how each step contributed to her understanding of personal branding. Ati explains, “Before I was a coach and I was in this industry, I was a bartender… In that industry, I already had a really strong personal brand because there were not that many women… When I started shifting, I went to school for photography… I was doing baby photography and all of that… And I kept staying in my job and I knew I wanted to leave.”

Overcoming Challenges and Pivots

Ati delves into the challenges she faced and the pivotal moments that led her to embrace personal branding coaching. She candidly discusses her fears and limiting beliefs, as well as the various industry pivots she navigated. Ati shares, “I opened a studio when I was pregnant and I left my job only to actually go back after my son was born because I had so many fears and so many limiting beliefs… I started telling my team [in network marketing], ‘Hey, if you rank advance or whatever, I will give you a photo shoot.’… I fell in love with creating stories for people.”

Embracing Authenticity and Inner Work

Ati’s journey towards self-acceptance and authenticity, emphasizing the importance of inner work. Ati reflects on her experiences with self-doubt and the process of overcoming subconscious programming. She states, “I remember vividly sitting in my office… I had this feeling of falling… And I remember when I started journaling around it… I started using a lot of hypnosis and a lot of subconscious reprogramming.”

Building a Personal Brand with Core Values

Ati discusses the significance of aligning personal branding efforts with core values, emphasizing the role of authenticity in brand development. She shares her own core values and encourages listeners to integrate them into their branding journey. Ati says, “When you start sifting your life, your decisions in your business, how you show up in social media through your core values, everything changes… When you truly know your core values, it’s when you can lean into your authenticity.”

Mentorship and Support

Ati highlights the importance of mentorship in her entrepreneurial journey, particularly in providing both strategic guidance and emotional support. She shares her vision for empowering women to show up authentically in their personal branding efforts. Ati expresses, “I do so much inner work inner child work… I hold her and I look at her… I used to have pictures of me in my mirror… I would tell her, ‘I love you. You’re loved.'”


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