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Episode 121: This Is How You Monetize A Small Audience

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Luzy King

Luzy King is an award-winning Latina Wealth Coach. She became a first-gen investor after learning about investing and wealth building by accident through her MBA program in 2019. During the same year, Luzy was denied access to financial advice because she didn’t have $100K to start investing, and she made a commitment to learn things on her own and become the first one in her family to start investing. Now, she is passionate about teaching women of color all of the strategies she wishes someone would have taught her in school. Luzy is a certified trauma-informed Financial & Business Coach, contributing author, and Community Leader. Luzy is on a mission to destigmatize the idea of wanting more money, more money, and more options. She is ready to teach women of color how to build a legacy through stock market investing and entrepreneurship.

Episode Description:
Welcome back to the Say Hola Wealth Podcast, sponsored by Jefas and Wealth Mastermind. In this episode, we dive into how you can monetize a small audience and build a successful online coaching business. Host Luzy shares her personal journey, strategies, and mindset that helped her turn a modest following into a profitable venture. Don’t miss out on this insightful episode that proves you don’t need thousands of followers to make a significant income.

Main Topics Covered:

Introduction and Sponsor Message [00:00:00]
The episode begins with a warm welcome back to the Say Hola Wealth Podcast and an introduction to our sponsor, Jefas and Wealth Mastermind. This mastermind program is a six-month business and wealth group designed for women of color who aim to elevate their income and monetize their expertise outside their nine-to-five jobs. Enrollment opens on July 13 at 1 p.m. PST, right after Luzy’s free webinar, “Overcome Burnout and Launch a Coaching Business in 90 Days or Less,” scheduled for the same day at 11 a.m. PST. Listeners are encouraged to register for the webinar to gain valuable insights, even if they aren’t currently interested in launching a coaching business. Lucy emphasizes that the webinar will be packed with valuable information and actionable gems for everyone.

Luzy’s Coaching Journey [00:01:00]
Luzy shares her heartfelt story about why she decided to become an online coach. Initially, she intended to help her local community but faced numerous challenges and a lack of support for people of color. This adversity pushed her to take her coaching business online, where she could reach a broader audience and make a more significant impact. Luzy recounts a recent conversation with another Latina from New York, where she elaborated on her motivations and the systemic barriers in her community. Her story is a powerful testament to resilience and the importance of creating opportunities where none exist.

The Importance of a Small Following [00:03:00]
Addressing a common misconception, Luzy explains that you don’t need a large following to start a successful business. She candidly shares her own experience of having a small community of 367 followers when she launched Say Hola Wealth. Despite this modest number, she managed to secure her first clients and build a thriving business. Luzy emphasizes that each follower is a community member, not just a number, and it’s crucial to value and engage with your audience genuinely. Her journey illustrates that quality and connection with your audience can far outweigh quantity.

First Clients and Initial Growth [00:04:00]
Luzy recounts how she acquired her first clients through participation in a group coaching program. This experience highlighted the importance of being part of a supportive community and leveraging existing networks. Her first two clients came directly from the group, while her third client was a follower from her online community of less than 400 people. Luzy’s story demonstrates that initial growth often comes from personal connections and referrals rather than a vast online following. She encourages listeners to focus on building strong relationships and providing value to attract their first clients.

Case Study and Experimentation [00:06:00]
To further illustrate her point, Luzy conducted a case study by creating a new Instagram account under her personal name, Luzy. She aimed to show her clients that they don’t need thousands of followers to start serving their audience and making money. By consistently providing valuable content and sharing behind-the-scenes insights into her business, Luzy quickly grew this new account and engaged her audience effectively. Her approach involved sharing practical tips, personal stories, and transparent business practices. This experiment underscored the power of authenticity and value-driven content in building a loyal following.

Launching the Beta Program [00:08:00]
Luzy explains the concept of a beta program and its advantages for new coaches. A beta program allows you to test your framework and refine your approach while providing real value to participants. Luzy promoted her beta program through social media and email, focusing on storytelling and personal connections. She sent five emails to her small waitlist of 10 people, resulting in significant interest and engagement. The beta launch not only validated her business model but also generated $15,000 in revenue, proving that a well-executed beta program can be highly effective even with a small audience.

Mindset and Belief Work [00:13:00]
A crucial aspect of Luzy’s success was her focus on mindset and belief work. She spent a month cultivating a strong belief in her ability to serve and attract clients. Luzy shares her daily practices for maintaining a positive mindset, including affirmations and visualizations. This mental preparation helped her stay confident and motivated, even when faced with challenges. She emphasizes that working on your belief system is just as important as any business strategy, as it directly impacts your ability to attract and retain clients.

Real Results and Overcoming Fear [00:17:00]
Luzy shares the real results of her efforts, highlighting the $15,000 she earned from her beta program launch. This achievement was especially significant as it happened while she was on vacation in Malibu, a symbol of abundance and success. Luzy discusses the fears and doubts she had to overcome, such as the fear of no one signing up for her program. She prepared herself mentally for both success and failure, ensuring she would learn and grow from either outcome. Her story is an inspiring example of how to navigate fear and uncertainty while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

In this episode, Luzy King reveals the secrets to monetizing a small audience and building a thriving online coaching business. She shares her personal journey, emphasizing the importance of mindset, providing value, and leveraging every opportunity. Lucy’s story is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a massive following to achieve financial success.

If you want to learn how to launch a coaching business in 90 days, join Lucy’s upcoming webinar, “Overcome Burnout and Launch Your Coaching Business in 90 Days,” on July 13 at 11 a.m. PST. After the webinar, enrollment for the Jefas and Wealth Mastermind opens, offering a comprehensive program on business and wealth building. Don’t miss this chance to transform your financial future!

Guest Bio:
Luzy King is the founder of Say Hola Wealth, a platform dedicated to helping women of color elevate their income and build lasting wealth. With a focus on breaking free from the hustle culture, Lucy empowers her clients to monetize their expertise and create financial independence.

Call to Action:
Ready to transform your financial future? Register for Luzy’s free webinar on July 13 at 11 a.m. PST and learn how to launch a coaching business in 90 days. Following the webinar, enroll in the Jefas and Wealth Mastermind to gain invaluable insights and strategies for business and wealth building. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change your life!

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

CEO and Founder

What sets Luzy Apart

She is an exceptional, sought-after speaker whose passion for financial empowerment resonates powerfully with her audience. Her presentations left a lasting impact on the community, with attendees describing it as engaging, empowering, and providing clear actionable steps.


What sets Luzy apart is her ability to demystify complex financial concepts, making them easy to understand and incredibly engaging. Attendees have expressed gratitude for her tailored content that addresses their unique identities, creating a relatable and inclusive learning environment.

Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

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