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Episode 109: How To Stop Overspending.

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Luzy King

Luzy King is an award-winning Latina Wealth Coach. She became a first-gen investor after learning about investing and wealth building by accident through her MBA program in 2019. During the same year, Luzy was denied access to financial advice because she didn’t have $100K to start investing, and she made a commitment to learn things on her own and become the first one in her family to start investing. Now, she is passionate about teaching women of color all of the strategies she wishes someone would have taught her in school. Luzy is a certified trauma-informed Financial & Business Coach, contributing author, and Community Leader. Luzy is on a mission to destigmatize the idea of wanting more money, more money, and more options. She is ready to teach women of color how to build a legacy through stock market investing and entrepreneurship.


Welcome back to the Say Hola Wealth podcast! We hope you’re having a beautiful day. In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we’re diving into one of the most crucial skills for financial success: mastering your money mindset. Today, we’ll explore practical strategies to overcome overspending and build a solid foundation for financial stability.

Understanding Your Money Mindset

Let’s start by getting personal. Like many of you, I used to struggle with overspending. Growing up, I sought approval through material possessions, unaware of the deeper emotional wounds driving my habits. At Say Hola Wealth Academy, we emphasize the importance of inner healing alongside financial education. Our upbringing often shapes our relationship with money, and understanding these influences is key to breaking free from overspending patterns.

Implementing Money Systems

One common challenge for overspenders is the lack of effective money management systems. Opening multiple accounts can provide structure and accountability. Consider setting up a high-yield savings account to prioritize saving and investment. Remember, building these systems is a crucial step towards financial empowerment, even if it means starting small.

Identifying Overspending Triggers

Have you ever found yourself splurging when you’re happy, sad, or bored? Understanding your emotional triggers is essential for overcoming overspending. Reflect on your spending habits and identify patterns. For me, happiness often led to impulsive purchases rooted in a desire to emulate success. By recognizing these triggers, we can take proactive steps towards mindful spending and financial freedom.


In conclusion, mastering your money mindset is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By unraveling the emotional drivers behind overspending and implementing practical money management systems, you can take control of your financial future. Remember, financial freedom is within reach, and it starts with aligning your actions with your aspirations.

Thank you for joining us on this episode of the Say Hola World podcast. We invite you to take actionable steps towards financial empowerment and look forward to sharing more insights with you in the future. Until next time, let’s continue building wealth and living our best lives.

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

CEO and Founder

What sets Luzy Apart

She is an exceptional, sought-after speaker whose passion for financial empowerment resonates powerfully with her audience. Her presentations left a lasting impact on the community, with attendees describing it as engaging, empowering, and providing clear actionable steps.


What sets Luzy apart is her ability to demystify complex financial concepts, making them easy to understand and incredibly engaging. Attendees have expressed gratitude for her tailored content that addresses their unique identities, creating a relatable and inclusive learning environment.

Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

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