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Episode 108: How To Use PR To Grow Your Business |Genieva Davidson.

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Genieva Davidson

Genieva Davidson is owner of Genieva Bliss Media that specializes in PR through press and podcast interviews. After being a PR assistant for a few years, she learned the industry and saw what was needed to stand out among pitches. Through relationship building and efficient systems, Geneva has landed her clients features in BBC, Forbes, New York Post, Mind Body Green, Women’s Health, podcasts with over 23 million downloads, and more.

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Welcome to the Say Hola World podcast, where we delve into the realms of entrepreneurship, empowerment, and wealth-building. In this episode, we are joined by Genieva, the founder of Genieva Bliss Media, as she shares her journey into the world of PR and how it can be a catalyst for business growth and empowerment.

Starting with Passion:

Genieva’s journey into PR began during the COVID era, sparked by her sailboat epiphany. Initially a virtual assistant, she found her passion for PR while helping clients secure media features. Geneva’s commitment to empowering women and challenging media representation norms drove her to launch Geneva Bliss Media.

Debunking PR Myths:

Genieva addresses the misconception that PR is only for white experts with prestigious credentials. Through her work, she proves that expertise and niche clarity are the true requirements for PR success. She emphasizes the importance of knowing your field and confidently pitching yourself as an expert.

Navigating the Pitching Process:

Genieva shares insights into the pitching process, emphasizing the importance of showcasing expertise through client results and compelling narratives. She guides clients through mindset barriers, helping them embrace visibility as a growth strategy and navigate sensitive topics with authenticity.

“Visibility isn’t a luxury; it’s a strategic necessity for scaling your business.” – Genieva Davidson.

Making the Leap into PR Investment:

Genieva highlights the pivotal moment when entrepreneurs know they’re ready to invest in PR. She advises entrepreneurs to identify their core expertise and desired areas of visibility before taking the leap. Investing in PR becomes a strategic move towards scaling business growth and establishing authority.

Measuring ROI in PR Investment:

With a 100% success rate in securing media features within 30 days, Genieva assures clients of tangible ROI. Her comprehensive PR program streamlines the process, allowing clients to focus on showcasing their expertise while Geneva handles the pitching and scheduling logistics.

Empowering Visibility with Safe Storytelling:

Navigating sensitive topics in storytelling, Genieva ensures clients feel safe and empowered to share their narratives authentically. By framing stories strategically and respecting client boundaries, she creates opportunities for impactful connections with audiences.

Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship:

Genieva shares her journey of balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood, emphasizing flexibility and support systems. With her husband’s support and a non-traditional work schedule, she navigates the challenges of running a business while prioritizing family.

Investing in Wealth and Self-Empowerment:

Genieva discusses her investments in financial education and mentorship, highlighting their transformative impact on her wealth-building journey. By challenging limiting beliefs and embracing wealth as accessible, she empowers herself and others to achieve financial independence.


Genieva’s story exemplifies the transformative power of PR in empowering entrepreneurs and reshaping narratives. Through her strategic approach to PR, she helps clients leverage visibility to scale their businesses and establish authority in their fields. As we embrace the power of PR as a tool for empowerment and growth, let us follow Genieva’s example and invest in our own journeys of entrepreneurship and wealth-building.

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Episode 108: How To Use PR To Grow Your Business |Genieva Davidson.

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