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Say Hola Wealth Podcast

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Say Hola Wealth Podcast, where we empower first-generation Latinas and BIPOC through insightful conversations on money mindset, entrepreneurship, and investing.

Normalize Financial Freedom

At Say Hola Wealth, we are on a mission to normalize financial freedom and make generational wealth-building achievable for our community. This podcast serves as a bridge that connects and uplifts, fostering real and raw discussions that break the culture of silence around wealth.

It’s your time to inspire and educate about wealth-building


What our Listeners seek

Our audience is eager for authentic conversations about money and wealth-building –the kind of discussions often absent from our upbringing. We aim to create a space that inspires and educates, paving the way for a more financially empowered future.

It’s your time to inspire and educate about wealth-building

We’ve got you covered

How to Prepare for Your Interview

Before your interview, familiarize yourself with our Podcast Guest Best Practices outlined in our blog.

Save the recording link to your calendar and ensure you have an external microphone and headphones for optimal sound quality.

Find a quiet space, preferably a bedroom or closet, where you can fully engage in the conversation.

Promote Your Episode

Once your episode is live, we’ll share it with you. We encourage you to share it across your platforms, amplifying the impact of your insights and experiences.

Sample Questions

How did you grow up, and what was your relationship with money?
What money-limiting beliefs did you have to overcome?
Tell us about your professional journey and how you reached your current position.
Share your financial freedom or entrepreneurial journey.
How do you define wealth?
Where can our listeners find and follow your journey?

The Say Hola Wealth Podcast

A Celebration of Your Journey

This podcast is a celebration of you and your unique journey. For our Latinas and BIPOC community, we kindly request refraining from mentioning the money philosophies that have kept our community playing small, AKA, cutting expenses, frugality, Dave Ramsey, or any other coaches or programs that are not helping communities of color.
For any pre-interview quesries, feel free to reach out to

Let’s Build Wealth Juntxs,

Luzy King