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How To Prepare To Be A Guest On A Podcast?

Ready to be a guest on a podcast? Before you join the podcast you have been invited to, make sure you read our suggested tips on how to get prepared!

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As a first-generation Latina entrepreneur or professional, you hold a unique perspective and a powerful voice that deserves to be heard. Being a guest on a podcast is an excellent way to share your experiences, insights, and expertise with a broader audience. However, to make the most impact and leave a lasting impression, it’s crucial to approach podcast appearances with preparation, professionalism, and authenticity.

What equipment do I need to be a podcast guest?

Before stepping into the virtual spotlight, ensure that your technical setup is top-notch. Good lighting and a high-quality microphone are essential for creating a polished and professional appearance.   Opt for natural lighting if possible, positioning yourself facing the light source to avoid shadows. Invest in a decent microphone to ensure clear audio, eliminating background noise and echoes.

What should you wear on a podcast?

Treat podcast appearances as you would any other professional engagement. Dress appropriately and present yourself to reflect your brand and the message you wish to convey. Even though podcasting is an audio medium, many podcasts also record videos for promotional purposes, so it’s essential to look your best for both audio and visual presentations. Do not wear your pajamas to the podcast recording.

Why is storytelling important in podcasting? 

Your personal experiences and expertise are what make you a valuable guest. Be prepared to share your journey, challenges, and triumphs authentically. Your story has the power to inspire and resonate with listeners who may be facing similar obstacles or seeking guidance. Embrace vulnerability and speak from the heart to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Many podcast guests shy away from sharing their stories because they are afraid to sound unprofessional, but our podcast listeners want to hear your voice! 

What do you talk about during a podcast? 

While it’s essential to share your story, also focus on providing actionable insights and valuable takeaways for listeners. Share tips, strategies, and lessons from your experiences that others can apply to their lives and endeavors. Position yourself as a resource and a source of inspiration for those looking to take action and pursue their dreams.

How do you use podcasts to increase your visibility and expertise?

 After appearing on various podcasts, leverage platforms like Spotify to showcase your podcast appearances and reach a wider audience. Create a dedicated playlist featuring episodes where you’ve been a guest, allowing listeners to easily access and discover your interviews. Share the playlist across your social media channels and website to amplify your visibility and credibility as a podcast guest. Lastly, don’t forget to leave a review on the podcast you have been a guest on; this is how other listeners find the show and, of course, your episode. 


Being a guest on a podcast is a valuable opportunity to amplify your voice, share your story, and inspire others to take action. By following these best practices, including technical preparation, professional presentation, authentic storytelling, value provision, and playlist utilization, you can maximize the impact of your podcast appearances and make a lasting impression on listeners. Embrace the opportunity to share your voice and contribute to meaningful conversations that empower and uplift others.

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