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Why Over Saving Money Is Keeping You From Building Wealth

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

We were taught that spending our dinero is bad. Instead, you should hide it in your cajita de zapatos way in the depths of your closet. Basically in Narnia. Never to be seen or touched again.

And the thought of moving that money, let alone investing it, sends you running right back into that closet. 

You, mujer, are a Super Saver, and you’ve mastered the skill of saving. But by letting your money “just sit there”, you’re compromising your security instead of strengthening it.

By over saving, you’re feeding a scarcity mindset and missing out on building wealth. Sounds backward, I know. Pero escucha.

As a financial coach for Latinas, I also used to be a Super Saver. I had the mindset of “Si no lo veo, no lo toco.” But once I learned how this scarcity mindset was keeping me from building the life I dreamed of, everything changed. 

I want to show how spending and investing your money can fuel a life of financial freedom and abundance.

First, let’s talk about where our need to over save and cling to our money comes from…   

Why Am I Afraid to Spend My Money? 

Because we were taught to work hard, save, save some more, and repeat.

You checked off the boxes: a college education, a corporate job, and a well-deserved promotion. And your stash full of cash is more than savings – it’s a symbol of safety and sacrifice. Something that was instilled in you since you were a little nena. 

And like your parents and grandparents, you learned to over save your money. You were told not to spend it, or worse, spend it on yourself! 

These beliefs and behaviors aren’t yours though. They’re cultural beliefs that stem from a past of financial scarcity and uncertainty, where money equaled safety. 

The thought of spending or investing feels like we’re “risking” our financial stability. But the truth is, living in fear while hoarding your money only feeds your scarcity mindset.

You tell yourself you can’t spend any extra money because “there could be an emergency” or “you could get laid off”. Pero mujer, look at your savings! Look at what you’ve accomplished! The scarcity is nonexistent.

You mastered the skill of saving (a core skill for creating generational wealth, btw) and have a solid financial foundation. Now it’s time to shift your mindset from over saving to building a future of financial freedom. 

⁠Let me show you how this mindset shift completely changed the financial trajectory of one of my students. 

Super Over Saver to Savvy Investor 

When she started her financial journey with me, Alanna was a young professional who’d been working since she was a teenager. With roots in both Puerto Rican and Chinese cultures, she did everything she was “supposed to”. She had savings and a well-paying job, but always felt scared of not having enough.

She would hoard her money without really knowing why. It stressed her out thinking about spending it or even moving it from one savings account to another. And investing her money seemed scary and daunting – like it wasn’t meant for her.  

As we worked to shed the money-limiting beliefs holding her back, Alanna started to shift the way she saw herself and her money. She learned that spending money on herself was an act of self-care – and a good thing. She even signed up for a gym and spa membership (something she had never even fathomed!). 

I showed her how building wealth is not about deprivation or hiding your money away (aka over saving). It’s about letting your money work for you and embracing your identity as the wealthy mujer you are. 

Her ability to let go of money-blocking beliefs led her to make some audacious money moves. With intentional and ethical investing, Alanna is now on the path to becoming a first-generation wealth builder! Check out this podcast episode to hear her full story. 

Unlearning Our Money-Limiting & Over Saving Beliefs

Imagine changing the trajectory of your financial future like Alanna did. How good would it feel to spend freely and know your money is building wealth at the same time?   

This kind of freedom and abundance is yours, mujer. You just have to reclaim your power.

By understanding your deep-rooted beliefs, you learn to challenge your money habits and the need to over save. And this is exactly what I teach the chicas through my 1:1 Coaching.    

Our dinero isn’t just a safety net – it’s a tool that allows you to create wealth and a life you love. Your hard-earned money is meant for you to enjoy!

When you intentionally spend your money, you’re not wasting it. Instead, you’re learning:

  • It’s ok to trust myself and my money
  • I am safe when I spend my money
  • It’s ok to let go of my scarcity mindset
  • I don’t have to live in survival mode
  • I am wealthy even when I spend my money

You deserve to feel good about your money and pay yourself for your hard work, damn it! 

You’ve put in the blood, sweat, and tears to build up your savings. Now it’s time to put your money to work. 

Invest in Your Future & Take Back Control

Your hard-earned money deserves to work FOR you, not just sit idle in a savings account or stuffed in a shoebox in your closet. Banks profit off your money – yes, your money! – while inflation erodes your cash’s value (cries in Spanish!). We’re changing that today, amiga.

By intentionally investing your money, you can take back control and use it to grow your wealth and ensure your financial stability. 

Learning how to invest your money isn’t as scary as you might think, especially when you work with a financial coach. With my students, I always take a personalized approach to find the kind of investing that aligns with their values. Whether you start by investing $5-$10 a month or a couple thousand, it’s important to do it in a way that feels right for you.

I understand your hesitation. As a former Super Saver, I would freeze up at the thought of moving my money around. But once I challenged my beliefs and learned what investing could do for my financial future, I was all in.

You too can learn to leverage your hard-earned savings. You simply need the right knowledge, tools, and guidance. Together, I can help you let go of your over saving mindset and create a future where you can enjoy your money without guilt and build a secure financial foundation.

Say Adiós to Over Saving & Say Hola to Building Wealth  

Pushing past the comfort of over saving opens up a world of financial opportunities. Learning to trust, enjoy, and invest your money can lead to generational wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

In my 1:1 Coaching and Say Hola Wealth Academy group coaching, I guide you every step of the way to build a future of real financial freedom on your terms. Let’s transform your savings into a life of abundance. ¡Ahi nos vemos, mujer! 

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

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