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Why Over Saving Money Is Keeping You From Building Wealth

We were taught that spending our dinero is bad. Instead, you should hide it in your cajita de zapatos way in the depths of your closet. Basically in Narnia. Never to be seen or touched again. And the thought of moving that money, let alone investing it, sends you running right back into that closet.  […]

How To Make Time For Money Dates To Prioritize Financial Wellness.

Introduction: Hola, querida Latina professional! ¿Estás lista para tomar el control de tu futuro financiero? In the hustle and bustle of our 9-5 lives, managing money often takes a backseat. But once I heard a quote that completely revobultionize the way I care for my money. “Only manage the money you want to keep and […]

5 Latina Conferences You Must Attend In 2024.

Reflecting on the impactful experiences of the past year, I had the privilege of immersing myself in a multitude of live conferences, each contributing significantly to my personal and professional growth. These events enriched my knowledge and cultivated a sense of community that was both inspiring and invigorating.

How to Negotiate a Five-Figure Raise as a Latina

Being the first in our families to learn how to navigate corporate life can come with a handful of obstacles. Including not knowing how to negotiate a five-figure raise in our salary. But can I share a secret with you? Companies expect you to negotiate your salary all the time; that’s part of their yearly […]

The Power of Job Hopping: Empowering Latinas to Increase Their Income.

Mujer, In today’s rapidly changing job market, traditional career paths are evolving, and with them, the strategies for achieving financial success. One trend that is gaining momentum is job hopping, particularly among Latinas. Job hopping, or switching jobs more frequently, can be a powerful tool for women to enhance their income and accelerate their professional […]

Why You Need To Develop Your Personal Brand

Developing your personal brand is so crucial for your wealth-building journey. Chances are that you are the first in your family to navigate corporate America and the first one in your family to have a white-collar job. As a first gen professional this experience might seem a bit overwhelming. Let me tell you something, you […]

How To Review Your Compensation Package

Getting a job offer is great, but you know what is even better? Knowing that the job offer is going to cover you financially, physically, and mentally. A compensation package or as some call it, Total Rewards Package, should be the time where you carefully assess and review, not only what the company is offering […]