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How To Invest As A Solopreneur.

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

Episode 19 is all about investing as a solopreneur. Listen now!

How To Invest As A Solopreneur

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster of emotions, especially if you are learning how to run an online business as a first-generation Latina. In this week’s episode, Luzy King talks about how to invest as an entrepreneur, when to outsource tasks and the mindset work you need to do to increase your cash flow.

Luzy is passionate about teaching Latinas how to start investing and teaching busy Mujeres how to launch an online coaching business.

If you want to learn about what investment accounts are available for you to invest in the stock market as an entrepreneur, this episode is for you. 

Episode highlights:

  • Why is it so important to start investing as an entrepreneur.
  • Types of investment accounts available for entrepreneurs
  • What is a solo 401k.
  • How do you know if you should outsource.
  • What is the difference between a Traditional IRA and vs. Roth IRA.

Here is a sneak pick of some of the things I covered in the podcast.

What is a solo 401k? 

A solo 401K is an investment account available for Latina solopreneurs with no future plans to hire any employees. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be the CEO, the CFO, the VA, The Social Media Manager, etc. It all means that your name and perhaps your spouse’s name are the only ones showing on your payroll. You can hire a contractor outside your organization to perform all those other tasks that are not in your zone of genius. 

How do you know if you should outsource?

When you first start your online coaching business, you will find yourself wearing most of the hats, but it should not stay that way for a long time unless you want to hit burnout fast and stop your business from growing. Here is a sample of some of the contractors I have worked with to date:

  • Branding
  • Email Marketing
  • Automation for my business, for some processing that I recently implemented.
  • Website development
  • And of course, my VA

Let me be clear: I started outsourcing once my business started to have consistent income, paying myself from my business and setting money away for business taxes. 

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

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What sets Luzy apart is her ability to demystify complex financial concepts, making them easy to understand and incredibly engaging. Attendees have expressed gratitude for her tailored content that addresses their unique identities, creating a relatable and inclusive learning environment.

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