7 Side Hustle Ideas for College Students

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It's never too early to start paying your student loan. During college, having a side hustle can help you pay your student loan debt interest and avoid student loan burnout after you graduate.

The first and most crucial part to earn money while in college is Perder la Verguenza. You will make zero money if you are thinking about what your friends are going to say. The truth is, they are probably wondering how to make some cash for themselves!

Here is the list of my top seven side hustle ideas for you.

1. Walk Dogs

Many pet owners are busy trying to juggle life-work balance, and they would love your help. Start by asking your neighbors and doing a post on your social media account.

2. Babysit

Make a list of all the people you know that have kids. Call them up and ask let them know you are available. To be ready for this job, I recommend taking a CPR class or a babysitting class. Most local hospitals have free courses, or you can find some online courses through the redcross.org

3. Take family pictures during the holidays.

If you are passionate about taking pictures, this is an easy way to make money. Don’t have a fancy camera? Don’t go crazy and buy one! I bet you know a local photographer who’s a friend of a friend, right? Call them and ask them if you can rent their camera. True story, my niece did this, and she was able to book more appointments after that.

4. Work as a wedding coordinator.

I did this in 2020, even with the pandemic going on. I earned $250, plus she paid me for mileage. You must work with a professional photographer that is amazing and likes to have fun!

5. Write blogs for money.

Is there something you are passionate about? If the answer is yes, then write about it. You can find more information about blogging on thewritelife.com for freelance writing jobs.

6. Tutor a subject you love.

I tutor math and Spanish while I was in college to make some extra money for my books. There are so many online platforms but my suggestion is to start with teachable.com

7. Clean houses.

This is a job you can do on the weekends or after school. My recommendation is to find clients within your family members or in new residential areas. Make a flyer and post it in the mailbox area. Make sure to partner with your besties to have more than one cleaning at a time. This will save you time, and you will feel comfortable entering other people’s homes.

Disclaimer: The ideas presented in this post are based on my personal experience and may not apply to your current situation or location


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