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Money Emotions & Wealth: 5 Cultural Myths Keeping Latinas Stuck

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Women of color financial stress.

Money Emotions & Wealth: 5 Cultural Myths Keeping Latinas Stuck


The word alone brings up a twister of emotions. Hope and fear. Pride and shame. Desire and guilt. 

As the daughter of Latino parents, this whirlwind of money emotions is woven into the very fabric of who you are. You’ve seen and felt the dreams, struggles, and pressure tied to money. 

Now, as you navigate your own financial journey, you’re juggling these money emotions on top of cultural expectations. It creates a complicated relationship with money. Pero no estas sola. 

It’s normal to feel torn between wanting more money and feeling guilty about your desires. And let’s be real… as a financial coach for Latinas, I know our cultura plays a big role in our money emotions. 

In this blog, I’m exposing 5 myths affecting your money emotions and keeping you from building wealth. Together, we’ll break down these lies and empower you to take control of your money and emotions. It’s time to let go of the past and embrace the wealth you’re worthy of, mujer. Let’s dive in!

1. You’re Supposed to Be Perfect 

The cultural pressure on women, especially Latina women, says you have to do it all – and do it perfectly. 

Yet you find yourself feeling ashamed for:

  • Not having enough savings
  • Making less than your colleagues
  • Not being able to take care of your parents financially
  • Wanting more money
  • Not being grateful for what you have

It’s a never-ending cycle of shame for not being “perfect”. No wonder our money emotions are all over the place!   

Amiga, there’s no such thing as perfection, even when our cultura says there is. You’re navigating your financial journey and learning along the way – there’s nothing to be ashamed about. Every obstacle and mistake is a detour in the right direction.    

2. You’re Supposed to Take Care of Everyone Else

As the oldest daughter of immigrant parents, you’re expected to put your family first and support them financially. After all, you’re supposed to have it all together, ¿verdad? 

You feel obligated to say yes whenever a family member asks to borrow money or expects you to pay for dinner. It’s a people-pleasing pattern many of us fall into.

I learned setting boundaries was necessary to pursue my financial goals. It wasn’t easy – I felt a ton of shame when I told my mom I needed to stop helping her financially so I could achieve my own goals. But to prioritize my financial stability, I had to challenge my money emotions and unlearn this cultural belief.   

Here’s the truth: if we want to change the system, we must first invest in ourselves. When you stop overextending yourself, you can build a solid foundation for your future. And building wealth allows you to support your loved ones even more than you can right now.

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3. Wanting More Money Makes You Greedy

You’re told wanting more money means you’re selfish and greedy. You’re labeled as ungrateful for your financial aspirations and told, “¡No seas chillona!”

These beliefs lead you to think you’re supposed to be over-the-moon grateful for the first job offer you get. Period. No salary negotiation, no leveraging your skills, nada. 

This is also a big fat lie.

Valuing your work and skillset isn’t selfish – it’s recognizing what you contribute to this world and how much it positively impacts others. Embracing your worth allows you to challenge these money emotions and feel good about earning more money.

Whether you negotiate for a higher salary or increase your business prices, you deserve to let go of this limiting belief and charge what you’re worth. 

4. Wanting Wealth Means You’re Taking It From Others

As Latinas, we’re taught to prioritize the well-being of our comunidad. This means setting our personal needs aside because there’s not enough money for “both”. 

This scarcity mindset feeds into our money emotions and makes us think we’re taking from others when we pursue our financial goals. 

This, mujer, is simply not true. 

By creating financial freedom for yourself, you multiply your impact. This can mean regularly donating to your favorite charity, investing in Latina-focused business ventures, or ethically consuming and shopping from Latina-owned businesses.  

When you flourish financially, your capacity to give back to your community skyrockets. 

5. Wealth Is Not Something You’re Supposed to Have

Growing up, money was always tight. It led you to believe money was something others were meant to have – not you. This cultural belief is deeply ingrained in you, making the pursuit of financial success feel like a betrayal. 

The idea that you’re money-hungry or think you’re better than everyone else if you pursue wealth is a lie. It’s a limiting belief loaded with money emotions like guilt and shame, and it’s holding you back from the life you dream of. 

Here’s the truth: Your past doesn’t dictate your financial future. Embracing wealth isn’t a sign of superiority or betrayal. It’s a step toward breaking cultural narratives and creating generational wealth.

Allow yourself to build a legacy you’re proud of. You deserve to have wealth.   

Decolonize Your Money Emotions and Embrace Wealth

Understanding the cultural myths and money emotions shaping your financial identity is important. It changes your perspective on money and allows you to embrace wealth in a way that feels good.  

You deserve to prioritize your financial goals. By unlearning these beliefs, you release the money baggage weighing you down and lay the foundation for creating generational wealth.

Letting go of these money myths doesn’t have to be complicated – and you definitely don’t have to do it alone. 

I love coaching mujeres like you to understand their money emotions, decolonize their mindset, and make financial decisions to build wealth in alignment with their values.  

Take the first step toward financial freedom through 1:1 Coaching or the Say Hola Wealth Academy. Together, let’s break generational cycles and build the wealth you’re destined for. 

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