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How To Post With Purpose To Grow Your Business | Tani Lopez.

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

Episode 47 is all about posting with purpose; listen now!

Tani Lopez Social Media Coach

Tani López is a Social Media Consultant, Coach, and the CEO & Founder of TANIcollective. Ms. Lopez has supported Fortune 500 companies like L’ORÉAL, Nike, and Dunkin’ Donuts with their digital strategy but today, Tani supports small and medium-sized businesses worldwide on how to navigate social media for the growth of their business through social media management, consulting, coaching, and lectures.

Tani (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn)

Episode 47 Highlights

Why is it important to post with purpose on social media Because if you are just posting with no clear direction, then you’re not really going to have any type of goal, and you’re going to feel let down,” Tani says. Without direction, you may feel drain.

What to avoid posting on social media? – No call DMs or fake messages with people.  Whatever you say, people will hold it against you in the future. And just remember, like there is a human behind these pages, there are humans following you. Do not go felt into the trap of follow for follow, like to like or pay someone to follow.  If you are a coach, don’t follow other coaches; look for a diverse group of people to follow.

What are content pillars – Content pillars, content topics, content buckets, whatever you wish to call them are essentially is a topic that you look forward to talking about, and it’s all leading you to your goal. Some examples include promotional content, connection, and educational, but it all depends on what your overall goal is.

How do we know what’s working when posting on social media – “less is better because think about it like this, right? So, we have, let’s say, okay, we have about 3000 followers, and we post something this week. That doesn’t mean all those followers will see that on the same exact date, the same exact time.

Also think about your ultimate goal.  Use SMART goals, whether it’s increasing our following or increasing our clientele, increasing sales, increasing engagement, or even brand awareness, things like that.

Thank you, Tani, for providing such valuable information to our community. We cannot wait to hear more about our journey and your life in Portugal.

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

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