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How To Grow On TikTok | Madeline Cruz-McKnight | Social con Cultura

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

Episode 33 is all about helping you grow your business using TikTok.

Madeline Cruz-McKnight is a Latina TikTok content strategist working with Latinx & BIPOC brands through her social media agency, Social con Cultura. Social Con Cultura’s purpose & mission is to Transform how Latinx & BIPOC creators & business owners like you reach audiences using proven social media marketing strategies developed for us by us. And in doing so, change the narrative of what a successful content creator looks like!
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Episode 33 Highlights:

How to post culturally relevant information on Tiktok – Madeline shares her journey as a first-generation Latina entrepreneur and strategies. “Post content to build a community first,” She explains. Then make sure you have a link or CTA to direct people to your offer or product.

How do you budget without steady income? – Madeline shared her income journey from paralegal to entrepreneur. First, she had to learn to look at her finances closely because she didn’t have a cushy salary to help her with her monthly expenses. So Madeline created a three-year financial plan before diving into entrepreneurship.

How to grow on Tiktok  “Create content that celebrates and respects our cultura,” Madeline shares. 70% of the creators on this platform are Latinx/BIPOC. Understanding the algorithm is also important because it is constantly changing. Madeline shared the top three growth strategies: First, start consuming TikTok and spend time viewing videos. Second, understand that Tiktok is not Instagram; what worked in 2020 won’t work in 2023. Third, leave room for people to ask questions. Your audience will tell you what they want.

How to identify your target audience on social media – Tiktok will recommend how to create content without dancing or lip signing. “You already know what to post inside of you,” Madeline says. It is more about creating a plan and a purpose to reach your ideal client. Focus on building community rather than going viral every time.

Top successful hashtags on Tiktok “The top hashtags don’t work for us,” Madeline shares because, for Latinx/BIPOC, our services and products are unique. What she recommends is testing, a lot of testing to find out what works for you.

And much more!

Madeline is an example of how you can monetize your social media channels while serving our community!

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Join us as we break barriers and redefine financial success!

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