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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts, and there’s no better way to harness this energy than by spring-cleaning your finances. As Latina professionals, we often carry the weight of being the first in many aspects of our lives—first to graduate college, first to enter a professional career, and often, the first to […]

How to Launch a Copywriting Business Using Your Teaching Skills

Starting a copywriting business can be rewarding, especially if you have a background in teaching. The skills you’ve honed as an educator—clear communication, storytelling, and active listening—are all invaluable in the world of copywriting. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of leveraging your teaching experience to build a successful copywriting business. […]

Why Over Saving Money Is Keeping You From Building Wealth

We were taught that spending our dinero is bad. Instead, you should hide it in your cajita de zapatos way in the depths of your closet. Basically in Narnia. Never to be seen or touched again. And the thought of moving that money, let alone investing it, sends you running right back into that closet.  […]

9 Ways You Can Conquer the Fast Fashion Debt Cycle Now

It’s Friday. Your direct deposit hits. And you rush to the mall to buy a cute new outfit for girl’s night.  But the excitement fades faster than a cheap pair of jeans once you realize you spent most of your hard-earned dinero.  It’s an emotional roller coaster, keeping up with the latest styles and accumulating […]

Money Emotions & Wealth: 5 Cultural Myths Keeping Latinas Stuck

Money Emotions & Wealth: 5 Cultural Myths Keeping Latinas Stuck Dinero.  The word alone brings up a twister of emotions. Hope and fear. Pride and shame. Desire and guilt.  As the daughter of Latino parents, this whirlwind of money emotions is woven into the very fabric of who you are. You’ve seen and felt the […]

The Hidden Costs of Fast Fashion and How to Stop Overspending.

Do you ever feel like the latest fashion trends change faster than a single scroll on your phone? It seems like every time you hop on Instagram, there’s a new “it girl” aesthetic, your fave influencer is raving about her newest Adidas Sambas, and everyone and their madres have a Stanley.  You feel behind. Even […]