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9 Ways You Can Conquer the Fast Fashion Debt Cycle Now

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It’s Friday. Your direct deposit hits. And you rush to the mall to buy a cute new outfit for girl’s night. 

But the excitement fades faster than a cheap pair of jeans once you realize you spent most of your hard-earned dinero. 

It’s an emotional roller coaster, keeping up with the latest styles and accumulating piles of debt to match the piles of hardly worn clothes. 

Let’s face it, the trends take a toll. And this debt cycle is fueled by impulse purchases and worsened by high-interest credit cards. As we chase the fleeting satisfaction of a shopping spree, we often forget its long-term impact on our finances.

But your current financial circumstances don’t have to define your future. You can break the cycle of debt and pave the way for a future of financial freedom. As a financial coach for Latinas and BIPOC women, I’ve helped hundreds of women like you break free. In this blog, I’ll show you nine ways you can get started today.

But first, let’s talk about the real cost of fast fashion on your wallet.

A Low Price Tag With a High Cost

The prices might seem like a bargain at first, but in addition to the hidden costs, let’s talk about the real cost. Those seasonal markdowns, 20% off storewide sales, and clearance racks all have one goal in mind: to make you spend more, not less. 

We used to see new clothing lines only a few times each year – intentionally designed by retailers to align with the seasons. In today’s fast fashion industry, retailers launch new styles weekly, creating an endless cycle of 52 “micro-seasons” that we’re expected to keep up with. 

The constant trends don’t just make us want to shop more – they push us into making financial decisions that can have lasting consequences. For many of us, this means charging our credit cards. With the average U.S. consumer having $6,501 in credit card debt,1 it’s apparent that impulse fashion purchases play no small part in accumulating that overwhelming amount of debt.  

The allure of having the latest clothes is exciting at the moment, but it comes with a hefty price tag and an ever-growing credit card bill. Pero mujer, I’m here to help you.

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Break the Cycle of Debt

The debt cycle starts with one or two seemingly small purchases. But with each additional swipe of the card, it quickly starts to add up. Soon, compound interest kicks in and we’re left with a debt snowball rushing downhill – getting bigger by the minute.  

Unable to catch up or find stability, this growing snowball of debt keeps us from building true wealth and living the life we dream of. 

But let me tell you, amiga, you are far from powerless. With the right guidance, financial freedom is yours.

Here are 9 actionable strategies you can implement today to break free from the fast fashion debt cycle.

1. Know Your Why

Take time to reflect and define your “why” for wanting financial freedom. Is it to stop feeling the burden of financial stress when you wake up every morning? Is it to reclaim the financial stability you never had growing up? Clearly define your purpose for putting an end to the debt once and for all. 

Understanding your driving force motivates you to conquer the debt cycle and stay laser-focused on the future you want to create for yourself and your family.  

2. Cultivate Financial Awareness

Assess your current financial state. Get clear on how many credit cards you have and what you owe on each one. Ya sé, this is a tough one! But understanding exactly what you owe is crucial to breaking the debt cycle. By identifying your debts, you can create a plan to tackle them through micro steps that bring you closer to financial freedom.

3. Avoid Retailer Credit Cards

Retailers tempt you with a big discount on your first purchase when applying for their credit card. But with an average interest rate around 28.9%,2 it’s easy to spiral into debt. 

These cards are designed to encourage you to spend, which ultimately costs you more than you save. Recognize this trap and resist the temptation to open new credit cards that will only result in more debt. 

4. Prioritize Saving

More than 50% of Americans cannot cover a $1,000 emergency.3 Establishing savings, especially through a high-yield savings account (Ally is my fav), lays the foundation for both unforeseen expenses and breaking the debt cycle.

Every time you see something you want to buy because a social media influencer is raving about it, add that amount into a high-yield savings account instead.

Find out how I’ve helped mujeres like you save an average of $10,832 through my Say Hola Wealth Academy. 

5. Sleep On It

When you see something you want to buy, add the item to your cart and wait 48 hours before purchasing. I usually pass on buying the item because I realize I don’t want or need it anyway – or I forget! I was simply looking for the dopamine rush I get from buying something new. 

6. Pay Off Debts With the Avalanche Method

Prioritize paying off your credit card with the highest interest rate first. This cuts down the amount of overall interest that accrues month to month.

At the same time, continue making minimum payments on all other debts to avoid fees. As you pay off each debt, apply those payments to the next highest-interest debt until you’re 100%  debt-free!

7. Say No to Payment Plans

When shopping online, resist the allure of  “convenient” payment plans offered by services like Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm. While these interest-free monthly payments might seem small and manageable, they can quickly add up. Plus, late payments can result in extra fees, creating the perfect recipe for major debt. 

8. Elevate Your Income

Explore ways to increase your monthly income. Whether you ask for a raise at your 9 to 5 this week or launch a side hustle, more income means more flexibility for debt repayment and savings. 

You have so many unique skills and talents, mujer! Put them to work to create some extra cushion in your budget. 

9. Team up With a Financial Coach

A financial coach guides you every step of the way to create a financial future you’re proud of. As a coach for Latinas, I’ve helped dozens of women like you break the debt cycle, heal their relationship with money, and pay off an average of $11,559 in debt. Check out this podcast episode on how I helped Bren pay off all her debt with one click.  

Unlike most financial coaches, I don’t believe in frugality. I say, “Hell no!” to giving up everything you love (even shopping) to live a life of financial freedom. With the proper tools and guidance from the right coach, you can shift your mindset and open the doors to financial abundance. 

Break the Debt Cycle: Build Your Dream Life

¿Ya ves? It’s time to drop your current financial overwhelm and step into a future with financial confidence. 

Setting yourself up for financial freedom is worth more than the trendy tankini that’s most likely going out of style next month anyway. Don’t let the neverending debt cycle and long-term financial burden weigh you down from the life you dream of.

Practicing these strategies helped me break the cycle of debt and save thousands of dollars. With this money, I’ve been able to invest, go on vacation, and live a life of true abundance – and I want the same for you!

Take the first step and apply one of these nine strategies today. Your wallet and peace of mind will thank you! If you want extra support on your journey to financial freedom, let’s team up!

Together, we’ll break the debt cycle and build the life of your wildest dreams. Check out my 1:1 Coaching or the Say Hola Wealth Academy group coaching. ¡Te lo mereces, mujer!   


  1. Average Credit Card Debt Increases 10% to $6,501 in 2023 
  2. Retail credit card interest rates skyrocket to 28.9% this holiday season, shoppers beware
  3. Bankrate’s 2024 annual emergency savings report
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