Episode 17: How To Build Generational Wealth | Luzy King

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Episode 17 is a solo episode and all about how to build generational wealth.

In this solo episode of Say Hola Wealth Podcast, Luzy talks about the things you need to do to start creating generational wealth.

Episode 17 Highlights:

  • What Is Generational Wealth.
  • Why You Need To Heal Your Money Story.
  • How To Build Generational Wealth.
  • What Is a 529 College Savings Account.
  • Why You Need To Have Life Insurance.
  • And Much More.

When you become the first in your family to navigate how to start a budget, create a debt pay-off plan, or invest for the first time, it may cause you to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Those are the feelings Luzy had when she became the first in her family to navigate her wealth-building journey. Those feeling are valid, but you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Luzy has helped hundreds of women overcome those fears by learning how their money blueprint keeps them from taking action.

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