I am on a mission to help destigmatize the idea of wanting more money and help Latinas invest five figures before they hit six figures in their career or business.

Generational Wealth Starts with You!

Meet the founder, Luzy King, Latina Wealth Coach

I am the first in my family to become an investor...

In 2019, I left my dream job after finally admitting that my dream job was underpaying me for my skill set and responsibilities. And after I was told my pregnancy had become a problem for the company by my immediate supervisor.   The same year, I learned about investing and wealth building by accident y accident through an MBA class, and I started to wonder why the foundations for money principles were not taught to me in school. But that is not all; the following year, while sitting in my living room, I witnessed on T.V. how many women were let go of the workforce due to a global pandemic and were not financially secure.

How was that possible?

Latinas work hard! We are loyal, driven, and ambitious, yet we have not been taught how to financially protect ourselves from a toxic work environment or unforeseen circumstances.

Instead, we have been taught that having a 9-5 is secure and the only way to earn money.   We have been told to be grateful for having access to a 401K and that our money is simply to pay the bills.

But guess what, Mujer? That is not going to help you build generational wealth.

I am a rebel and don’t subscribe to the idea of working until 65 years old or that frugality will help you save thousands. I no longer play by the social rules that kept me paying small for two decades. 

In the last five years, I have learned how to play the money game, which has served me well. My household paid  $220K in student loan debt in 36 months, and I created a half-a-million wealth portfolio before 40 by monetizing the skills I already had.

Mujer, You no longer need to be in survival mode because there’s a way to help you create passive income. It is not an online course or house hacking. It is truly passive. Something you can automate, and that is going to grow your wealth the lazy way.

Stock market investing and compound growth will help you build generational wealth.

I teach my clients how to overcome money fears by helping them unlearn their money blueprint and talk about finances without the boring jargon.

I also understand the cultural money fears and beliefs that keep Mujeres from negotiating high salaries or charging for their worth as entrepreneurs.  

Here is how I help my clients:  

I use the liberation belief method, a six-step approach to building wealth as a first-time Latina investor. The liberation belief method considers the multi-generational money trauma, first-gen experience, and the three C’s: Colonialism, Capitalism, and Cultura.

My clients have been able to become the first ones in their families to invest their first five figures in the stock market, outside their 9-5, or as entrepreneurs.

But that’s not all…

My clients have secured $15K and $50K raises by pivoting into new industries because they have a clear number in mind to reach financial freedom and move from a scarcity mindset to a wealthy mindset. 

You can read more about my client’s wealth transformation here.


My Values & Coaching Personality:

  • I believe in community over competition.
  • I believe in all human rights.
  • I believe in stopping the conditioning to always having to work hard for money. 
  • I make money conversations fun.
  • I will share EVERYTHING with you.
  • I will keep you accountable, and I expect you to do the same with me.
  •  We will cry together at least once during our coaching session. 
  • I will celebrate your money wins even when you think is not a “big deal.”

Fun Facts About Me

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