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Episode 82. How Ambar is Building Wealth While Helping Her Loved Ones.

How Ambar is Building Wealth While Helping Her Loved Ones.

In this podcast episode, Luzy Interviews her client, Ambar Januel Lopez, on how she is building wealth while supporting her loved ones.

About Ambar:

Ambar is a queer Mexican American entrepreneur and creative focused on developing innovative marketing campaigns and advancing social justice issues. From working with nonprofits in the social justice space, to optimizing startups during their first years, she is passionate about utilizing creativity and innovation to build unique brands and campaigns. She was raised between México City and Vermont, and is currently based in Brooklyn NY. She has a few too many plants, loves random adrenaline-filled adventures, and is always reading three books at once.Ambar is the co-founder of Neta Collab, a digital advocacy and marketing firm focused on social justice. She is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Connect with Ambar: 


Episode 82 Highlights:

  • How to build wealth as the first-gen wealth builder.
  • How to release shame for spending money.
  • How to reach financial freedom while supporting loved ones.
  • Why is it so important to prioritize self-care as a first-generation wealth builder.
  • And much more!

Thank you, Ambar, for coming to the show. We appreciate you so much!

Ambar’s Definition of Wealth

Many of us who grew up in families that struggled to pay the bills don’t have the tools and resources we need to know how to manage our finances, let alone invest. We need to move past the shame and start building/being part of communities (like the one Luzy has) where we can openly talk about money and share our learnings with each other. Building wealth is not a competition!

Why Ambar is investing

I am investing because I want to build not only stability and security for myself and my family but to be able to think bigger about what is possible if we build wealth. For so long, my mindset was so focused on fear of not having security that it was hard for me to imagine spending on anything outside of immediate needs. Now, I have shifted to focusing on not being afraid of making big financial decisions, betting on myself, and building generational wealth.

If you are looking for support with money mindset, money system, and how building wealth works, apply for private financial coaching today!

Let’s build wealth juntas,



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