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Episode 87. How to Launch A Bookkeeping Business | Andrea Rotondo | Liquid Cents Bookkeeping.

Episode 87. How to Launch A Bookeeping Business | Andrea Rotondo | Liquid Cents Bookkeeping.

Episode 87 talks about how to launch a bookkeeping business from home, featuring Andrea Rotondo of Liquid Cents Bookeeping. Listen to episode 87 now wherever you stream podcast!

Andrea Rotondo is the Founder of Liquid Cents Bookkeeping. After spending a few years at home with her little ones as a military family, Andrea was ready to start something new. Andrea’s background in Psychology, volunteer work, and first-hand experience with frustrating accounting processes filled her with a desire to help others in a meaningful way by merging both worlds: numbers and emotions.

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Episode 87 Highlights:

  • How her personal journey with money as an Ecuadorian immigrant
  • Why she decided to launch a business from home
  • The difference between bookkeeping and accounting
  • The requirements to launch a bookkeeping business
  • How to launch a profitable business
  • The power of strategic partnerships to grow your business
  • How to organize your finances in your business
  • And much more!

Check out Liquid Cents Bookkeeping for your small business needs! Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your expertise with our comunidad.

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