Episode 84. Options To Refinance Your Home.

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Episode 84. Options To Refinance Your Home.

As a first-generation wealth builder, you must know about the opportunities to refinance your home to increase your cash flow. Listen to this conversation on options to refinance your home.


In this episode of the “Say Hola World” podcast, our host, LuZy, dives into a conversation about money and wealth-building with Tino Martinez, a mortgage lender with Prime Lending in Eastern Washington. Tino, who has nearly two decades of experience in the real estate industry, shares valuable insights on the often-overlooked topic of home refinancing, a key financial strategy for building wealth.

Tino’s Journey:

Tino’s own journey is a testament to the power of homeownership and financial planning. He comes from a large family of six children, with his parents having migrated from Mexico to Los Angeles before relocating to Washington State in search of a more affordable place to raise their family. Money was tight in those early years, but Tino’s dedication and commitment to a balanced life led him to the mortgage industry. He transitioned from being an escrow officer for a title company to becoming a mortgage lender.

Understanding Refinancing:

The conversation kicks off with a fundamental question: What is refinancing? Tino explains that it’s the process of replacing your current mortgage with a new one featuring updated terms and conditions. This simple yet crucial financial tool has various applications, making it a versatile strategy for homeowners.

Reasons to Refinance:

Why should individuals consider refinancing their homes? Tino highlights various motivations for refinancing, tailored to each person’s unique circumstances. These may include lowering high-interest rates, debt consolidation, financing home renovations, education expenses, or changing loan types for a better financial fit.

Refinancing for Wealth Building:

Luzy delves into a fascinating topic: using refinancing as a wealth-building strategy. Tino discusses how some homeowners leverage their equity to invest in additional properties. By refinancing, they tap into their home’s equity and acquire new assets, all while enjoying historically low mortgage rates.

Debunking Taboos:

The podcast takes a moment to challenge the taboo around financial conversations in the Latino community, emphasizing the importance of open discussions about debt and financial strategies. Tino encourages individuals to explore alternative avenues to grow their wealth, such as refinancing, which can expedite the journey to financial independence.

The Importance of Homeownership:

Tino stresses the significance of homeownership, particularly within the Latino community. Owning a home is a long-term investment in wealth-building, providing stability and the potential for substantial equity growth. It’s a tangible way to secure a stable future and enjoy tax benefits.

Tino’s Wealth-Building Approach:

Luzy explores Tino’s personal wealth-building philosophy, which extends beyond financial aspects. Tino believes wealth encompasses material possessions, health, knowledge, relationships, and overall life satisfaction. He and his wife share their financial goals, engaging in regular conversations to ensure they’re on the same path to financial success.

Working with Tino:

Tino operates in 38 states across the U.S., making his expertise accessible to individuals seeking to explore home financing options. He can be reached through his primary social media platform, Instagram, at @TinoHomeLoans.


Tino Martinez’s insights on home refinancing shed light on a powerful, underutilized financial tool. This conversation serves as a reminder that exploring new strategies, open conversations about money, and tapping into the wealth-building potential of homeownership can pave the way for a brighter financial future.

Feel free to contact Luzy if you are ready to start your wealth-building journey as a first-generation Latina looking for support through private financial coaching.


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