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Episode 1: How I Overcame Money Shame and Began Building Wealth 

For the 1st episode of say hola wealth, I talk about my personal money story as a Latina. I started my journey in the hospitality industry and overworked myself...

Ultimately I was faced with one of the most difficult decisions in my life which led me to launch Viva la Budget & Finance to serve Latinas with understanding their relationship with money and start building wealth. It wasn’t an easy journey and I share it all today with you busy mujer. 

It’s time to talk about money stories, and for the first episode of say hola wealth, I’m sharing my personal money story with you. 

I talk about my humble beginnings and not having a community while growing up. 

The lack of community motivated me to build a successful career. 

Unfortunately, that led me to overwork myself with zero support. 

I faced a difficult decision. I share how that led me to discover my purpose and find the community I was searching for when I was younger. 

Discovering my purpose also led me to prepare for my financial journey.

However, I did not receive support and guidance from a financial planner. I knew that I needed to help my Latina community understand their relationship with money.

I also share why I started Viva la Budget & Finance and why it is vital to be comfortable to have conversations about our relationship with money, wanting more, and pushing aside the shame that has been placed on us by our family.

Don’t miss this first episode of say hola wealth, if you are ready to liberate yourself and start building wealth

Listen now!

Episode Timestamps: 

1:02 – Welcome to say hola wealth! I share my money story 

1:32 – I didn’t have a community which motivated me to have a successful career 

2:24 – Discover how I overworked myself and was faced with zero support 

3:33 – Find out the toughest decisions that I had to make in my life and career

3:54 – Listen to how I began to work on finding my purpose and how it lead me to investing 

4:36 – I opens up about seeking help for investing and the negative response I received from the financial planners

5:23 – The no I received didn’t stop me from learning and organizing my finances!

5:34 – Discover what motivated me to serve Latinas to understand their relationship with money and help them start building wealth

7:26 – It’s vital to talk about our relationship with money and how it’s holding us back from building wealth

8:43 – We feel a lot of shame when it comes to money and I share how I liberated myself to financially grow 

10:06 – Our community and family shames us for wanting more and that needs to stop!

10:52 – You’re not alone in your financial journey

11:22 – Start on your financial journey by increasing your income!



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